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Sondendo Gentlewave

The Sonendo GentleWave Procedure is a revolutionary approach to root canal therapy that incorporates advanced features to provide patients with a more comfortable and efficient treatment experience. Unlike traditional root canal techniques, this procedure utilizes Multisonic Ultracleaning technology, which combines acoustic energy, fluid dynamics, and broad-spectrum acoustic waves to thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire root canal system. By harnessing the power of sound waves and a specialized fluid, it offers a minimally invasive approach that preserves more of the natural tooth structure while effectively eliminating bacteria, debris, and tissue remnants.

In addition to its innovative cleaning technology, the GentleWave Procedure also boasts increased efficiency and shorter treatment times. By leveraging the advanced features of Multisonic Ultracleaning, the procedure reduces the need for excessive mechanical manipulation and lengthy treatment sessions. This means fewer visits to the dentist’s office and a more convenient experience for patients. With its ability to provide enhanced patient comfort, superior cleaning and disinfection, and the preservation of natural tooth structure, the Sonendo GentleWave Procedure sets a new standard in root canal therapy, revolutionizing the way root canals are performed.

Features and Benefits

Enhanced Patient Comfort The GentleWave Procedure is designed to provide patients with a more comfortable and gentle treatment experience. Its minimally invasive approach reduces the need for extensive mechanical manipulation, resulting in less discomfort during and after the procedure. Patients often report less post-treatment pain and a faster recovery compared to traditional root canal therapy.

Superior Cleaning and Disinfection The Multisonic Ultracleaning technology used in the GentleWave Procedure is highly effective in thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system. By reaching areas that are typically inaccessible to conventional techniques, it eliminates bacteria, debris, and tissue remnants more comprehensively. This helps to reduce the risk of reinfection and improves the chances of successful treatment outcomes.

Preserves More Natural Tooth Structure With its minimally invasive approach, the GentleWave Procedure aims to preserve more of the natural tooth structure. By minimizing the need for excessive filing and scraping, it can help maintain the strength and integrity of the treated tooth. Preserving more of the natural tooth structure can be beneficial in terms of long-term oral health and potential future dental procedures.

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