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Kind Words……

Thank you for all your great work and excellence with our patients. You and your staff are great and our patients love your practice and you! I’m lucky to have you!
Thank you note from a referring dentist!

Just a quick note to thank you so much for the fast and efficient care I received at your office 2 days after Christmas. I never dreamed I’d be able to get in to see a dentist over the holidays. You all were very friendly, compassionate and helpful. My root canal was painless. Everyone took the time to explain everything. You have a wonderful staff and I thank you ever so much for your help and care. God bless each and every one of you.

Many thanks to your group. You all have been so kind and helpful. I am not used to being in such a ‘helpless’ state, and I have been basically brought to my knees in pain, for a very long time, and felt like it was never going to end. Thank God my wonderful dentist referred me to your office. Dr. Lazarou, Trina, Kelly, MaryJo, and Holly have made a very difficult situation for me much better. I am still not 100%, but I know, if I need anything, your office will be there to help. Thank you so much! Flo

Thank you, as always, for your caring and compassion. I feel very lucky to have your expert care and help!
Sincerely, Laura

I was frightened and you all helped me overcome my fears. Bless you all!!

Hi Guys, For what’s its worth, I left you guys a yelp review. Thank you so much for everything! Anna – YELP review

You Got the Touch!! I had no pain – You did a Great Job! Thanks, J.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with your staff, and doctor. The procedure went great and I experienced no pain post procedure. What I was so impressed with was the professional manner in how I was treated. My only regret is your office doesn’t do general destistry as I would be your next new patient. As an insurance agent, I am always asked for recommendations for health care providers. Your office is on the top of my list.
Thank you again, Frank

I want to say to you and your staff, thank you for staying after hours to fix me up! Normally a root canal is hell, not so with you & your crew!! You got in there & took care of business & I got my smile back.
Sincerely, Frank

Excellent Hands, Excellent Technique, Excellent work!

I have had, at least, one other root canal work elsewhere and recall it was rather painful so I was expecting that but pleasantly surprised by your care. I found you to be very gentle, thorough and personable. The gal at my dentist office liked that and said they get such reports from other patients referred to you! I have been telling everyone how great you are. I am very pleased to have been your patient, Doctor.
Sincerely, Pat

Thank you all so very much for making my recent root canal at your office such a positive dental experience. The calm and professional manner of all combined with the sincere care and concern shown for your patient -me- washed away any apprehension I may have had regarding the procedure. You made what could have been a very unpleasant time, memorable not for the procedure, but for the people in the office.
Regards, Joann

Thank you so much for being so kind and understanding when you helped fix my painful tooth last week. I was so nervous about the procedure, but your assistant and you took your time to explain every move & were very attentive to me that it did ease my fears. The tooth was so much better by that night that I actually slept for the first time in days! Again, thanks for getting me in so quickly & being so accomplished in your skills.
Sincerely, Sharon

The best gift one can give is that which is appreciated by the donor…Maya Angelou “I appreciate not only what you did but the caring way you did it. A root canal wouldn’t have such a bad reputation if all dentist were like you! The staff was great too! Thank you.”

If it weren’t for great people like you, there wouldn’t be grateful people like me!

You really know how to put a smile on someone’s face. My “Canine” is Perfect! HA! HA! Thanks Again…& Again” “Doctor and staff are wonderful!” “Have a wonderful summer!

The highest form of wisdom is kindness. Thank you for yours. “Your kindness along with your expertise makes all the difference.” “With Gratitude,”

This is a very belated Thank You for taking care of my root canal issue back on November 25th. You saved the Thanksgiving holiday for me. You and your staff were all so nice and considerate. Wishing you and your family the best for the holidays.
Regards – Mark

” To the doctors and staff at Southern California Endodontic Group. Thank you for making my root canal experience so wonderful!

I want to thank you and your staff for the care I received in your office. I really appreciate it.

You guys are the best! The root canal was painless & easy. Thank you for such great work.

Thank you for giving me such a speedy, painless, great treatment. It is much appreciated!
Sincerely, Anali

This is Jim _______ over here in Malibu. Just a short note…you performed a root canal Friday, Sept. 24 and I just wanted to say thanks for the All Pro work. Like most I waited until the pain was unbearable and didn’t know how I was going to make it through the weekend. Your staff is amazing and please thank them for getting me in. Thanks Again….

Thank you so very much for taking care of my very painful tooth. The root canal process is never pleasant, but you and your staff made things so much more bearable and quick! Thanks Again!
Kindest Regards, Shannon

Please forgive me for not writing sooner. You told me that the root canal might hurt for a day or two. Baloney! By the time the anesthetic wore off, I was totally free of pain, believe it or not. I could bring back a shadow sensation by pushing gently on the tooth with my tongue but it was just letting me know thtat that was the one that had been worked on. The next day, we drove up to San Francisco for the wedding and had a great time. Here it is weeks later, and the tooth is completely normal. You really are miracle workers. Thank you, again and again. Yours truly, thankfully and pain free.

I just wanted to thank you again, Dr. Lazarou, for the beautiful care I received when I came to you. You helped me immediately. It was a pleasure to meet you. You were outstanding.

You guys are awesome! My tooth feels 100% better…and I would say it was “fun”, but it was a lot better that I expected! Thanks Again to a Great Team! : )

Patient posted directly to our website!
Thank you, Mr. Gordon

Your office staff were exceptionally helpful with my appointment problem. Doctor Kang and Hector were generous with expert knowledge and their time. Doctor Kang, I now know that your real name is not Doctor King. Thank you.
William Gordon

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